Relative Time with Moment.js not working

I’m using the Relative Time with Moment.js plugin and it works perfectly on my index page. However, when I put it in my comments no value is being displayed. The element is located:

Repeating Group > Reuseable Element > Comment Repeating Group > Comment

Using the debugger, it seems like it gets all the data it needs, but isn’t displaying anything.

image image

Try these potential fixes one at a time:

Remove Current date/time from Baseline Date (optional) field (this defaults to current date/time anyways)

Remove Refresh interval

Set Refresh interval to 60000ms

Make sure RelativeTime element is placed directly on cell and not within a group of that cell (ie: not within your group ‘Comment’)

Make sure width of your text element is wide enough to fit the rendered RelativeTime value and set a minimum width % to prevent collapsing

I had the same problem. I fixed it by putting another RelativeTime element on my page.

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@tim12333 That worked, thanks!

I’m having the same issue. And after trying to add another one on the page, it still does not show.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

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