Convert each item in different lists to a single db entry

Hello Bubblers!
I’m challenging to convert different lists (number and text) to a deticated table where each entry of those lists is a new entry in the database.
I actually already achieved this by reiterating the same workflow scheduling a second “restart” workflow that triggers the first one, but it’s quiete slow in this process and I’m wordering if anyone here can help to speed this up or suggest a better approach.
Here is a simple example of what I’ve done:

Table A
Column X (List) with entries like 1, 2, 3, 4
Column Y (List) with entries like A, B, C, D
Column Z (List) with entries like 11, 22, 33, 44

My workflow basically brings the first item of each Column X, Y, Z converting those entries in a new row like:

Table B
Column X (Single)

Column Y (Single)

Column Z (Single)

and so on… until the workflow reaches the latest item of the list.

This works, but as said it brings a lot of time to reach the end of the list depending of the amount of datas involved, non the less, it’s resource consuming.

Why I need this conversion?
Bacause I need to do some maths based on the the numbers I have, and having those on separete lists it makes impossible to achieve what I want, or it creates too much effort than normalize the data before like I’m tring to do here.

I quite new to, so I’m learning on the road, If you have any suggestion on this it will be really really appreciated :slight_smile:


I was also wondering that my source as lists is why I have an API GET that returns me those lists, so maybe another approach is to directly stream those lists in single entries. But I don’t know how. :slight_smile:

I just find out how to do this thanks to this thread: API returns a list within a returned set of data - #17 by kevin4

I actually need to rethink something but it seems to be working now (still need to do some test), the solution is to “schedule an api workflow on list” giving it my source api call as a “type of things” and “list to run on”. In this way I’m able to process all the entries in the lists as a single entries in the second table I’m interested to.
Like reported here: API returns a list within a returned set of data - #18 by Jici

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