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Incoming API Call list of text to seperate entry Database

Hello Fellow Bubblers, I can’t wrap my head around this issue I am having and hope there is someone that can help me out.

I am receiving incoming Data through the API Connector. The incoming Data looks like this →

“ID”: [

This is the incoming “raw data”, I can only save it as a list of text, that’s fine. But how do I save these ID’s in a seperate row per ID. I tried to use :format as text with the “,” as delimiter. And also saw in another forum topic the use of Regex which also did not help yet for me.

Am I using the wrong actions? Is this not possible in the Backend Workflow to accomplish?

I can get the data to save in the Database as 1 entry, I need multiple entries for each ID that is incoming with the list.

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Hello @m.bartelings welcome to the community!

Feed that list onto a recursive backend flow that creates those IDs as separate objects … or save them to existing objects in your dB

@cmarchan Thanks for the reply!

I don’t fully understand what you mean by this? I receive the API Call as Action or as Data, both of which I know how to save the entry in the database but not save it seperately . and If i check the available API Workflows.

So an update, follow up to my question after extensive research. Hoping someone else sees the mistake I am making or has a clue for me.

I am running the API workflow get_property_uid with a cronjob which runs every hour. Every hour I do a call for the data retrieved with my API Call, there is only 1 entry being received from the API and that is a list of texts which looks like the format described above. I want each ID to be seperated in seperate row of the database. Then I run a scheduled API Workflow on a list, this is the addproperties workflow which then is used to save the data to the database.

See screenshots for clearer details:

Screenshot 2022-01-10 at 11.27.15