Convert from date to number and back to date

I have a ‘Start Date’ input, then the user chooses then job length from number dropdowns, then I want to calculate the end date based on the start date + inputs day/hours. I need to show the end date as a date format - I can’t figure this out!

end date

You’ll take that original date and use the +(hours): and +(days): operators to add the value from the inputs. The resulting value will still be a date.

Here’s an expression that is a date, showing the various operators at your disposal:

Thank you @keith I will give that a go :+1:

It worked really well … here’s a screenshot if anyone else wanted to add dropdown (number) results to a date;

add days

@keith do you know how I can round down to the nearest 30 mins because my dropdown inputs are rounded to 30 mins?


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