Convert old responsive to new responsive

  • ONLY looking for individuals, no agencies.

We have a few large pages and several reusables that we would like to have converted from the old responsive to the new responsive and make sure they work well on mobile as well. We have already done this to several other pages/reusables and are familiar with the process, but would like to outsource the rest of the task.

This is not your simple conversion as there are tons of elements and groups and interconnections that require a lot of attention to detail and patience to ensure everything is set up and working as expected in the new responsive.

This will also require us to not be able to make any changes to these pages while you are working on them, so will need to make sure you have dedicated time to work on each page so we can have it done in a timely manner.

Please send us a direct message with your past experience with this, your rate, and how much time each week you can dedicate to this project. Please also provide an email and a good time for us to get on a zoom call to discuss further.


Hello, its Nasir Nawaz, i am a certified bubble developer by Airdev one of the top agency by bubble. And i am also certified by MILLIONlab.

I have experience in bubble and build many projects while completing my certification.

Currently i am building my skills and trying to help as many people as i can.

I can do it for free , and only ask for a testimonial on my site. And latter if you like my work and only if you eish can give me a compensation. Els i wont bother you.

Kindly book a meeting and tell me more about you situation, : Calendly - Nasir Nawaz

And yah, as we have winter vacation, i be working on ypur app full time. :grinning: except for u wanted personal issues maybe take some yime els i be working on it :muscle:

Hi @maw, I am full stack developer with over 3 years of experience, I have work with over 15 MVPs and over 20+ apps with custom codes, bubble custom plugins, complex API integrations, external database and everything related to
I have UX/UI research and design experience as well Project management.
You can check my LinkedIn profile here.
Looking forward to talking to you to talk more about my experience and my some project I developed.
Thank you.

Hello, i can work on your project full time.
You can check my profile in LinkedIn:
Or write me to email: