Convert text input to datetime?

Hi, is it possible to allow my users to input text in the below formats:

4pm or 1105am

And then convert that text to a datetime?

How would I do that?

If dropdowns will do, you can do this:
Add two dropdowns to your page. One with hour values and one with AM/PM.

Add a Text to the page for demo. In the Value field of this text you add:
Current date/time change hours to Dropdown A’s value

If this solution is acceptable, move the formula to “Conditional” tab and check for AM/PM.

Thanks but that’s not quite what I’m looking for. Wonder if anyone else can help?

Hi! It is possible…

You can try to use the command :truncated to extract the data you want from the text in order to It’s :number of characters.

After, use the command change hours to and change minute to to create the hour you want…

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