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[SOLVED] Date / Time (Extracting time to another field after a specific time.)


I made a clock, so with one button you can check in/out (a little more complex)
time-in: When you clock in
time-out: When you clock out
sum: The summary of time-out - time-in (then divide by 60, so you can see it in hours/minutes)

But now i’m struggling with, extracting overtime.
If someone works later then 05:00 pm, I want that time in the field “overtime”

I need suggestions, or maybe even a kind soul to help me out.

drop me the editor link I will see what I can do mate.

Hey, thanks.

got a little workaround (not a good one)
Overtime = Time out - Date&Time Value (07:00 pm) then press a bottom and voila the time is in “Overtime” field.
But i wanna do a little simpler, if possible.

Here is what we ended up with for anyone else that needs it. cheers


Thanks for the help


So, this worked out great, got the hours.
But the problem is, i really need the minutes
since the “Extract” option, only take full hours,
so if the time is 17:32, it wont count the minutes.

Any suggestions?

ok, so we ended up hiding a decimal input to help out with the math - now it shows in minutes and can be changed to minute blocks, half hour and so on by adding a :roundedby operator to the end of overtime input.


Once again, thanks.
I bow to the master :slight_smile:


anytime mate. cheers

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