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Convert text to list

Hey everyone, I was wondering if there’s a way to convert a string of text such as “item 1, item 2, item 3” into a list with the comma as the separator so that it will be
“item 1”
“item 2”
“item 3”
I saw the “converted to list option”, but not quite sure on how it works or if it works like that at all.
Thank you!

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You could use Blockspring to do this using “Split Text By Custom Separator”.

But experience of Blockspring in Bubble can be variable.

There is no way to do this using Bubble?

Is there any update to this question? I too am hoping to do it within bubble framework itself, if possible.

Ditto. Would love to know how to do this.

You can do this with “Extract with regex” now.

Take your input (with commas) and use the regex extract to convert to a repeating group of texts. This one takes a list of email addresses separated with commas, and allows you to send an email to them all.


How would I do this with spaces?

Nevermind found solution: [^\s][^][^\s]

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This didn’t work for me actually, any other solutions?


However, that will just match on words with boundaries on letters. Should be fine for most situations, but really depends on what you are trying to do, and what you want to do with punctuation etc.

Thanks, I will try this. I am trying to use the intersect function to see if a list contains another list of words.

If all you want is words, then that should do it. Have tested it on a few things and looks like it does the job.

Thanks that worked

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How can I tag one list with another list. If one list contains anything from another, tag it with the name field. I want to do this for all values on a list in a workflow.

Is this a one off (so running in the data tab) or on your app page ?

I want to run a bulk workflow on a list:

List A contains:

List B contains:

If List A contains anything in List B, tag it with the name “List B.” - name already defined in a field

How can this be achieved in api workflows?

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This regex pattern works well for me on a string like [email protected], [email protected]


For anyone still working on this. I was looking to create something that looked like tags. I did this:

  1. Create a repeating group
  2. Type = text, Data Source = your data source [FOLLOWED BY] :extract with regrex and enter [THIS CODE] (\b[^\s]+\b)
  3. Enter text into the repeating group & make the text “Current cells text”

This problem bugged me for literal weeks. I really hope this helps someone.


thanks Luke2 I will try it

Petter Amlie came up with a solution using a new Bubble operator, :split by. Here is a link to the article - :split by and :arbitrary text | Bubble's new expressions