From text with comas, to list in bubble workflow

Hello, I need help regarding the types, I have a list in a text (this is the output of an API), it is like “word1, word2, word3, word4…wordN” I would like to add each word to a list in bubble.
Like Word_list: word1 (first item), word2, word3 … wordN

Is there an easy way to do it ?
I saw a post where they said to use extract with regex “[^,]+” but for me it does not work, I can’t access the word1 as the first element of a list, but it puts all the words in the first element

split by: , (comma space)

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hello, yes I tried, it does not work either !

I can assure you, 100%, it works.

(if it doesn’t work for you, you must be doing it wrong).

yes that is why I ask here if there is no other solution, the split by: , is the first stuff I tried, but to no avail… I don’t know what I can do wrong, I use a personal api you can try, contact me in dm

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it should be ‘fourtoutici’ in title not the full list of gardbage

For the Title, I would write something like this: expression: split by(, ): frst item.

This would ensure only first item gets added after the split.

You’re telling it to add the whole list as a single text… which is exactly what it’s doing (i.e. you’re doing it wrong)

If you only want the first item added, then you need to use split by , : first item.

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this is exctly what i’m doing guys,
title = xml_title_temp: split by (,) : first item

xml_title_temp = “fourtoutici, fourtoutici upload, click…”
I should have : title = “fourtoutici”

Send a screenshot because that would work if what you’re telling us is correct.

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In fact the pb I have, and where you can help me the most to understand is that:
the “titles” field of the API is a liste of words 'word1, word2, word3…" that I want to turn into a list in Bubble, but as you can see I dont have ‘spilt by (,)’ choice here, before I stored it in a variable ‘xml_title_temp’, but when i try to ‘split by (,)’ directly I can’t, I can only do ‘each item : split by…’ which is different.

Well it does not split by
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