Converting Array of JSON ISO8601 dates to Bubble Standard


Any advice on how to convert dates from this format:
“2022-05-23”: {
“1000”: 10,
“1200”: 10,
“1400”: 10
“2022-05-24”: {
“1000”: 10,
“1200”: 10,
“1400”: 10

to a list of dates that I can use to match with a list of service items based on the service items’ date/time so that I can update the item availability of each service item having the specific date/time?

For example:

  1. I use an API to periodically check the availability of items for each date and receive a JSON with the above example.

  2. I then convert that JSON data into a list of dates in the proper bubble date format: “date”:“quantity”
    “05/23/22 10:00 am”:“1”
    “05/23/22 12:00 PM”":“4”
    “05/23/22 02:00 PM”":“6”
    “05/24/22 10:00 am”":“9”
    “05/24/22 12:00 PM”":“8”
    “05/24/22 02:00 PM”":“12”

  3. Then I use that list of dates to do a search for a service item having the same date/time and update the item availability count for each service item having that same date/time:
    Service Item for 05/23/22 10:00 am had 3 items but after the update only has 1 item remaining.
    Service Item for 05/24/22 02:00 PM had 15 items but after the update only has 12 items remaining.

I found the ISO8601 Duration Format Converter plugin but unfortunately it does not fit the format that I have to use due to the API formatting.


I figured it out! Thanks anyway!

Hi @POBox_X ,

I’m having a similar problem converting ISO 8601 durations from API call into date/time format to display in my app. Can you share how you fixed your issue so maybe it can help mine?