Cool uses for Option Sets - share yours!

Looking to level up and learn from the community on how others are using the semi recent Option Sets feature to speed up or improve development. With that said, how you are using Option Sets?

A personal example, and a possibly debatable choice, is that I have been using Option Sets for Dashboard pages (single page application). I find it quicker to create and edit new ‘pages’ and it loads just as quick as ‘hard coding’ the pages on the editor page


Option Set setup


Fun and valuable topic! Thanks for posting.

I am using Option Sets to power my notifications. Saved me oodles of time and effort.

Firstly, the notification type:

The app is for sports fans and I needed an efficient way to manage the many different situations a fan could get a notification. The option set includes the attribute for notification text which removed the need for programming for each notification scenario.

Secondly, the user can elect how they want to receive notification emails.


Great idea :+1:

I have more option sets than data types any more. A couple ways I use them:

  • Navigation Menu for single page apps - make the group content type an option set and you can save url parameters, button text, page titles, singular/plural versions, etc

  • Alerts - create a list of all the alerts you need to show and store success, warning, and error content along with the parameters for when different alert types should be shown

  • Object Status - store the active state of different statuses and instead of creating conditions like ‘This users status is Pending or this users status is Inactive’ you can simply say ‘This users status’ Active? is no’. The added benefit of adding an additional status option later if necessary and simply setting the active state rather than having to go back through all your conditionals.

There are a host of other ways to use them as well. An amazing feature!


About “Object Status”, I’m using Option Sets to “milestone” project status. I created several atributes (Customer_info, Custome_button_go, Customer_button_cancel, same for the Seller), that allows me to change info screens and buttons’captions relative to the project evolution.

That’s terrific :slight_smile:

Hi Eli,

I know this post is fairly dated, but please could you elaborate on how you use option sets in a single page nav


@joshdaman.duckworth You probably found your answer, but for anyone looking at option sets for navigating a single page application, this post by @petter will help: Tutorial: Build a performance-friendly menu using Option Sets. I found it today and I’m going to use the principles to rebuild the ‘manual’ multi-level nav (individual elements) that I created in Dec/Jan when I first started using Bubble.