Option Sets and Dedicated Pages

Hi friends,

I would like to know if it is possible to generate a page based on an Option Set.

Currently I’ve got a set of labels hosted in an Option Set, and I would like to generate a dedicated page for each one of them.

I’m stuck on it so if you could help it would be great.

Thanks in advance!

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Can you elaborate a bit more about a “dedicated page”? What happens on this page and how do the option sets come into the picture?

I’m assuming you mean setting an option as a page content type, in the same way you can with database datatypes?

In that case no, that’s not possible, although it would be nice to be able to do that.

But a way to achieve basically the same thing would be by setting the content type of an element on that page (i.e. the main content container group) to be the option set, and then use a URL path to set the data source to the appropriate option set option.


For sure.

To put a bit of context, my app is a brand directory. So I’ve got a “Brand” data type in the database. It allowed me to create a “dynamic page” for each brand by displaying data and slug to it.

I would like to do the same for the “labels” which are an Option Set and not a Data Type.
Because I have only a limited number of “labels and certifications” I created them in an Option Set instead of creating a new Data Type. Because of this decision I’m now unable to create a “dynamic page” where I would push the data and slug letting the system generate a page for each one of them, instead of having to create a specific page for each label or certification, which would be painful.

Let me know if it’s clear enough.

That seems to be a very good workaround.
Can you elaborate regarding the URL path to the data source?

Yes sure…

So firstly have a main container group on the page (or any other element) set to the content type of your option set e.g. Labels

Then set the data source to ‘Get Data From Page URL’, select the type ‘Path’, and choose the type ‘Labels’ (your option set).


That will then match the URL path (the bit in the URL after the page name) to an option from the option set (it matches to the name/display of the option - note it won’t work if the option name contains spaces or non-standard characters).

Then you can use the URL structure www.mysite/mypage/myoption to set the data source of the group on the page (the same way you would with slugs for database entries).

e.g. www.mysite/labels/label-1

If you need to link to it dynamically from another page in your Bubble app, you can use the workflow action ‘open an external website’ then for the destination use website home url labels (or whatever the name of the page is) /option display (such as parent group's option or current cell's option if linking from within an RG


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