CoPilot Text to number data converter issue

I am trying to use CoPilot plugin to convert text to number and on their latest version 2.0.0 it gives me error image
Is this an issue on my side or bug in their plugin?

I notice that if I roll back the plugin to v1.2.0 it works but v2 says it is server side which I need

I would contact the plugin developer directly. Copilot tends to respond quicker that way.

What is the name of that plugin? I can’t find anything in the plugin list using keywords “text” “text to number” “convert” “convert text to number”

I’m actually finding that using an API workflow on a list is giving me the ability to convert text data fields into a number data field.

I already have the data saved in the data base. I created a new data field of ( integer ) and in a repeating group did a search for all the entries I want to convert the text to number on. Then my API workflow makes a change to the specific thing by saying ( datafield number = this things datafield text value )

Simpler than I thought it would have to be

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