Copy and change a action of workflow keeping links of inputs and data types

Can I copy and change a action of workflow keeping links of inputs and data types?

A form page has many inputs ,two draft-buttons and a confirm-button.
Draft-buttonA is for first inputs and this workflow is to create a new data, hiding a Draft-buttonA and showing Draft-buttonB.Draft-buttonB is for “Make a change to thing”.
(Draft-buttonB is hidding until Draft-buttonA was clicked)

I could set a workflow of Draft-buttonA and will make a workflow of Draft-buttonB.Inputs are more than 100,so I want to change only the action of Draft-buttonA’s “Create a new thing"to"Make a change to thing” and copy to link of inputs and data types.

Hello! Sam here, with Bubble support. At this time, you can’t directly convert a “create a new thing” action to “make changes to a thing” - you’ll need to set up a new workflow action which does mean manually reconnecting all of the dynamic references.

The fastest way to do this will be to leave the “create a new thing” action in place so that you can right click to “copy express” and paste it in the new “make changes to a thing” action. It will still be tedious, but slightly less tedious than having to re-enter each expression from scratch.

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Thank you Sam! It took me a long time to find a solution to my question this time, but now it’s clear what I need to do. :slightly_smiling_face:

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