Copy and paste Data types is it only me or it is common problem

I have this issue. I needed to duplicate Data types. When i do copy and paste the new table copied with same name as original Data type which confuses me which one is which specially if original Data type is empty as well.
And let’s say the data type has many type names in there and i deleted one of them imagine how many errors i get.

So what i do…

  1. Copy Data type
  2. Change original Data type name
  3. Paste copied Data type

Imagine i forgot to do step number 2. It is nightmare

Any ideas how to avoid that or have better way to duplicate Data type with new name.

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What’s a “table”?

Data types is tables in SQL language sorry…
Type names is item

I have the same question. Did you found a solution along last year?

No i didn’t find any

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