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Copy URL to clipboard with parameters

I have a SAAS package that I am trying to create.

I have a client management page that has this section:

The idea is to click the Copy URL to clipboard and a URL be generated that will point to another page with attributes (attnum - see below). We would be able to copy this address and put it in a button on a clients page if they have one.

This URL will should be similar to the following:

The attnum is very important in this case.
I also want to make sure that if I change the app name or domain name it will be dynamic and change with it without changing hardcoded values.

Can someone please give me some suggestions on how to do this. I have downloaded the Air Copy To Clipboard plugin but I am not sure how I can generate the link that is needed for copying to the clipboard.

If you’re pulling information from a RG, just use “Current cell’s thing stuff” or “Parent groups stuff”.

In your case:

This website URL intake curent/parent-group/cell’s unique id ?attnum="current cell’s att"

Here is how I created my link and it works as it should (of course the actual app name isn’t correct here).
Website home URLintake/&?attnum=Parent group’s Attorney’s attnum

When copying to the clipboard I am using the plugin - Air Copy to clipboard which seems to work great.