Set Unique URL of the Mypage to copy to clipboard

I want to set the URL to be generated like “…/mypage=0123456789…x0123456789…” using the user’s unique ID to copy to clipboard here:

スクリーンショット 2021-01-03 22.48.44

But now, “This url” makes

Anyone knows the simplest way to set the URL with unique ID ?

(- doesn’t need to use the username for the URL, - this page doesn’t have “type= user”)

this URL is whatever the URL is for the page at the moment the copy to clipboard action occurs.

Multiple ways to get the unique id into the URL for the clipboard but depends on how you are going to use it…if it should be a parameter or a path or an item in the path list

to create a parameter if it is the first parameter you need a ‘?’ just like in the way there is one before the parameter ‘debug_mode’…if you are adding a parameter that is not the fist parameter in the URL it would not use ‘?’ and instead use ‘&’

If the user unique id is for the current user you can have the text to copy be :website home URL/mypage?id=current users unique id

be aware when using the website home URL it will automatically have the ‘/’ added so you don’t need to add it after using that dynamic expression and can just then type ‘mypage?id=’ and then use the dynamic expression current users unique id


Thanks for helping!

It worked but it’s a little bit wired,
when I access ,
the page seems to redirect and doesn’t display any contents.

I don’t understand what could be the issue…what do you mean by this

Do you mean when you copy that URL to a clipboard, paste it into the browser address and then follow the link to open the page?

And what about this redirect

Is this after the page is initially loaded? If so you must have something happening in your workflows to cause this on page load

Yes, exactly it is.

The address changes before open the page.

I checked the workflow but I’m not sure why it is.

I have no idea why there would be something like mypage/nickname–1234

because – is not how a URL path item is separated…it is separated using /

take a video demonstrating

Maybe it’s because I might set up this on the mypage before (now turned it the default)… :

スクリーンショット 2021-01-04 19.48.24
( )

That video is not a demonstration of what you are experiencing