Copying an app with only its development database

Hello fellow Bubblers!!

Maybe this has been answered before, and I am very open to someone posting a link to the thread here if so (however i found some with similar issues, none were quite a good match). Anyway, Ive created an app for a client, and id like to essentially white label the structure of it for possible use with other clients. My issue is, that when I do a full copy of an app that has already been deployed to live, it also copies the live database. In that case, I’m unable to create any new things in the copied app, as it far exceeds the threshold of 200 things. I’m not totally certain that this app will sell, and id like to keep it on a free plan to demo it to prospective clients, but without paying for it. I fully understand that paying the monthly would be the smartest route, however I would prefer not to go down that path. I used the Canvas template to create it, so just copy/pasting pages with workflows isnt really an option, as they have many nested elements that don’t really translate over perfectly with that method. Any Thoughts from the brilliant minds here would be greatly appreciated. Would be hugely grateful in the future to see a “copy app with only development database” option in the future, for apps that have already been deployed.