Need help copying database

I was going through the forum, where you had helped a bubble user (christian) regarding the transfer of data from developer to live. I tried to follow everything that you had explained, but I wasn’t able to correct mine.
I am having some problem.

  1. When i go to data base in development version and i copy and restore database from development to live and then when i switch to live, there is no database copied in the live version. And when i preview it, it says you have not deployed your app to live.
  2. It says go to versions tab in settings and go to development and version control. But when i go to the versions tab, it just says there that the application is running on version 3 … and the application is on latest version of bubble.
    Please do help.
    Thank you.

Hi :slight_smile: Got it! It is confusing in the beginning! So there are two different databases for your app (dev and live) and there are two different versions of your app (dev and live). When you build pages and workflows in the editor, you are in the ‘dev’ version. You can see this here where it says “development”:

Then, if you click “Live” from that dropdown, you will probably see this page instead of the development version of your page, because you haven’t “pushed” any of your development changes to live:

In order to do this, in the dropdown go back to the Development version and click “Deployment and Version Control”

This will show this popup:

Then click on the button “Deploy Development to Live”. This will bring up a popup where you enter a couple words describing this deployment (for example, this one could be called “Launch”, and then in the future when you update your app, add pages, change workflows, they could be called things like “Profile Page Bug Fix 7/18” - anything to help you remember what happened when you deployed each development to live. This way, if you ever need to revert the app back to a different version, you’ll have an idea of what date that should be).

After you do that, then your live database will be empty. You can run the “copy development database to live” action, to make sure the live database contains the data you entered in development. Note: Once your app has Users, you will not want to do this, because it will delete the live data created from those Users. Instead, you will want to build an admin page into the app, where you can modify live data.

That should work, but feel free to let me know if you have any questions! :slight_smile:


@fayewatson Thank you so much for your help. The deployment to live worked.
Now I am live and my data base from development version has been copied to live and I understand that if I copy from development version to live, the database in the live will be changed to the dev version (which i just copied), and if there is any data created by users when Live, those will all be erased.
So if I were to modify something in my app, i work on the dev version and to deploy the changes to live how would i do it without changing database in live?
or would i just be updating the version? Awesome!! No problem at all! :slight_smile:

Correct! You would work in the development version, and then go to the dropdown again → click “Deployment and Version Control” → and Deploy Changes to Live.

If you were to add data types and data fields and workflows in the development version, those workflows, fields and types are added to the live database when you deploy the changes to live, just not the entries themselves.

It’s a bit confusing, but say for example that you added a new page in your app where Users could start a new “Project”, and you created a new data type named “Project”, fields within that Project type, and all of the workflows.

Then you created a few Project entry things in the development database (ex: Project 1, and Project 2). If you were to deploy those changes from development to live, the worklflows and the Project Data type and fields will be part of and function in the live database, but the entries “Project 1” and “Project 2” will not show up in the live database. There would be no Project entries in the live database until live Users create them on that page, or if you were to copy the database from dev to live.

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@fayewatson Thank you once again for the detailed explanation. You’re the best

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My pleasure,!! :blush:

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