Copying specific entries from test to live or Vice/versa

Copying specific entries from test to live or Vice/versa

Is that possible?

Yes, with at least Personal plan, you have the feature of export/upload csv files to your db.

And What happens to the associated things?

What means ‘associated things’?

A field that refers to another Type

I dont get your question.
In which context you apply that ‘what happens to the associated things’? (after what)
Give me an example.

So you copy all your Employees from test to live, and each Employee has a field called Department which refers to another Type named Department, will i see the employees department in live version?

If you setup correctly the export/upload, you should be able to see the same data.
PS: But they are different dbs, if you do more modifications on test-data, the live data don’t updates.

Even if that department Type or Department entry doesnt exist in the db copying to?

When you are uploading the cvs file you have to map the data:

So if some entry doesnt exist in the db, you can create it before uploading.

Data>app data> copy and restore database

That will give you the option to copy development data to live data or vice versa.