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Database "copy between versions" not working as expected

I went to the design view of my live database and added a new type, two fields under that new type and 13 entries of that new type. Then I used the “copy between versions” function to “copy live data into the development database”. I typed in the required confirmation page and clicked confirm…I received a success message.

When I went to check the development database the new type, its fields and it’s entries were nowhere to be found. I repeated the same “copy between versions” function a second time and again received a confirmation message. But the new type, its field and its entires were still nowhere to be found in the development database.

Am I doing something wrong, misunderstanding the functionality or is the “copy between versions” function not working correctly?

Can you email us for this?

Hi Rendini,

If your app was in Live mode, it is read-only and you cannot add new types (you can however add new DB entries to existing types). So if the new entries you created were of the type you had just created the data will not exist. The “Live (read-only)” indicator in the upper-right corner flashes to indicate this but that needs to be improved with a more visible message/popup.


  1. create the type in the development version and then
  2. switch to live to create the data, or create it directly in the development version - either way works, up to you here.
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Thanks @georgeciobanu, that makes sense.

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