CORS Error using TUI Image Editor

I’m getting CORS errors while using the TUI Image Editor plugin.
Can anyone help me with this?

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next to the “at getBlob” where it says PLUGIN 159… can you click on that and post a screenshot of the source code. You may not be passing the right thing. What are the input fields on the plugin element and what are you adding in there? You may actually have to go to the plugin page and email the creator of that issue for them to fix it.

Thanks for your reply. This is what I get

Looks like the plugin author has a catch that tries to solve the cors error but only if it includes “herokuapp”. Can you look and see what is the getBlobUrl. It may be higher up in the code and probably set to = properties.something which would be a value you are passing in. How many different urls have you tried?

Thanks William.
This is the full script, the error is when hovering the red cross:

You could try setting the fetch mode to cors,

Replace the line with the issue to;

fetch(getBlobUrl, {mode: “cors”})

I faced this long ago and overcome it with an entirely different method, the above is a quick guess so fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:

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