CORS Issue with Bubble CDN image link

Hi friends!

I’m using a great Canva style plugin, but I have a problem when it comes to inserting images from the bubble database, as it uses the CDN.

I tried with an old pure s3 link, without the CDN and of course the CORS problem doesn’t show up… How do I convert a CDN link to a pure s3 link? To be clear that you use the old s3.appforest…?

Thank you

This is the console error:

CDN responds correctly with Access-Control-Allow-Method header set to GET, as long as you don’t request resource with “with credentials” option. You may need to consult plugin developer or watch network tab of chrome’s devtools to find more details about the cause…

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And there’s safari case which is sometimes out of left field. Test on Chrome and Safari to compare…

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It simply mean the image is loaded but it can not be displaed because of Access control policy.

there maybe be many senario why bubble is doing it, maybe due to privacy policy or even because you make the file private while uploading it.

how the plugin access the file,

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I don’t think it’s a bubble issue. At least my plugins worked well with it (I mean, exactly that image) using XHR. It might be Safari-related, I didn’t try it on iphone, but chrome is good both on desktop and mobile.

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Thanks guys for the contribution… how do you think I could solve it? The plugin developer tells me to talk to bubble (in the meantime I’m in touch with them).

I find this problem on all browsers except Mozilla Firefox …

Hey, can you give me view access to take a deep look, if so kindly also DM me the page and group you are doing it and also the process.

I would be happy to help :slight_smile: