When is bubble going to fix this CORS issue?

This CORS issue with any image being used in a canvas element of some sort is becoming a big issue. I’ve had it with another great plugin on here. I’ve seen many others complaining about it. I just implemented a JavaScript SDK that works unless I try to work with an image from bubble.

What is it going to take to make fixing this problem a priority?

What is the CORS issue you get? Don’t forget that CORS errors are generated because of Browser security. CORS is not an issue if you get the image from server side action.

Hi @Jici

How do I do that? If I have an image stored in a table and I pull it into a page, manipulate it in some way, then try and save it, I get that error. How do I accomplish that from the server side?


You are getting the error when you save it, I guess from the plugin you are using to manipulate the image, but the plugin is able to load the image to manipulate it?

We encountered a similar issue and fixed the CORS problem by ensuring the URL starts with https, or by using Bubble’s “saved to S3” logic when storing files. You can apply the second method by targeting the file specifically.



Yes when I save it. I’m saving an annotated image. I get the error. If I just annotate the canvas without an image it works. I can then pull that resulting image, annotate it, then when save it works. However anything coming directly from bubble, and even if I select a default image from my pc I get the error.

I’ve run into this with other plugins a well.

Hi @nocodeventure

I changed the url to include the https. Made no difference.

I also. Tried your second option. Same CORS error.

I need this functioning STAT! I’m more than happy to pay for it to be resolved.

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We’ve fixed this issue for @gnelson

Custom code snippet added

imageElement.crossOrigin = "anonymous";