Could not find Figma File

Hi guys,
I am trying to import my Figma designs for my bubble app. I have added the Figma API key and File ID. When I click import, it says “Could not find the Figma file”. I have crossed check to ensure I entered the correct details and I did, but it keeps saying the above error. What do I do?

Have you double checked if you own the file?

Or is it some other file owned by another account and just shared with you?

Btw. Our experience with the figma import plugin wasn’t stellar. You may find the following thread interesting [New Service] Figma/Sketch/Xd etc. Design System Implementation by hand in Bubble


Thanks, ZubairLK for your response.

Yes, I own the file. I am still unable to import the design. Is there any other way I can handle this?

I had the same error, turns out i was using the whole figma url, rather than a particular part of the url. This article helped