Could you share any errors or bugs you have encountered?

Hi all, I am a Ph.D. student, and my research topic is about low-code development platforms. I would like to conduct a simple survey and ask if you would like to share with me stories about any errors or bugs you have encountered while using bubble. These errors or bugs can be either resolved or not yet resolved.

Thank you very much for any help you may provide.

My apologies in advance if I am incorrect, but I’m skeptical that this post is legit. If it is, though, I am genuinely curious as to why you are focused on errors and bugs as opposed to any other aspect of the platform, especially aspects that are a lot more positive in nature such as what drew people to the platform, what they have built, and the successes they have had. Would you be willing to share why you are focused on errors and bugs?


My research interest is in the testing of low-code applications, so I want to understand the errors or bugs that users encounter when using low-code development platforms, and whether these errors can be discovered by some testing approaches. I was also thinking about legality when I made this post, and if it is indeed illegal, I will delete this post.

There is nothing “illegal” about your post, of course… it just seemed odd to me that you are focused on such a specific aspect of the platform.

Anyway, maybe some other folks will respond with examples of bugs they have encountered, but I’m not going to do that because, to be honest, I still don’t get it. I’m all but certain that bugs in the Bubble platform can be discovered by the same testing approaches that any software development group uses such as unit tests, integration tests, performance tests, automated QA tests, and manual tests. In fact, in Josh’s (he is one of the founders) monthly community updates, he often mentions the number of tests that Bubble’s outsourced QA partners have written.

Anyway, best of luck with your research. Oh, one final thought… it might be worth contacting Bubble to see if they would be willing to share some thoughts with you about the challenges they face while building a no-code platform and the specific testing approaches they use to overcome those challenges.

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This comment gives clarity to the original post, which is a bit ambiguous as too if you were asking about bugs related to the Bubble platform or bugs related to code. Your comment seems to suggest that you are interested in bugs specific to building an application. I 100% agree with what was said above, that creating Unit Tests for a Bubble application can be done directly within Bubble OR you could build tests outside of Bubble by exposing data/workflow APIs.

I would suggest one additional point of note. From my own experience with traditional coding vs low code (specifically in Bubble but most likely applicable to other platforms), less bugs are generally made. The platform doesn’t allow you to make very many mistakes and when mistakes are made, they are generally resolved right away or very quickly.

Think of it like an ORM where instead of having to write a bunch of raw SQL which is more prone to programmer error we can use Models to say something like “Vehicle.Color = Colors.Blue” versus UPDATE Vehicle SET Color = 'Blue'

In summary , my experience is that Bubble makes it pretty easy to not make mistakes in the first place and makes it pretty obvious when you do accidentally make a mistake.

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