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Count condition for updating task

hi guys, im newbie to bubble who try to build to do list app for my training,

here’s my question :

i want to display in overview about this information, how much task to do, in progress and complete task a user have and total project they have,
i use count condition but it show all task, i wont separate it base on the list they input.

here’s what im trying to do :sweat_smile:

here my project page:

sory if confusing u,
hope from your solution, thanks

You need to use a constraint on the search, or add a filter to the search based on the list they input


when i preview

even though there is a 4 project i have but it show 0

am i wrong something?
or any example maybe

Your search constraint is wrong I think as it is looking for a particular project based on a particular title and so it is probably finding zero results.

What is the search you use to populate the Repeating Group? IF that is setup properly you can just use that same expression and add the count operator to it for your text element OR you could reference the repeating group and use the RG list of things count.

@boston85719 sorry for late reply,
yes you’re right i get it finally to show it.

yes my search constraint is wrong and i changed it to ( created by=current user) and it show a total project which user made and also i add more constraint to specify task,

thank you for helping.
big thanks

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i make it like this than i use (do a search for) for every list

what do you think? is it good?or should i use (doa search for)?

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