Displaying Data on a Condition

Hello. I have a page that contains an active todolist, and want the task to disappear when a user clicks complete on that task. I have set the condition to element is “not visible” when complete = “yes”, but there it just goes blank, but still takes up space. Like it still exists on the page. Ideally I would only have the data display tasks that have complete = “no” on this active task page, but can’t seem to find a way to say “if this” then "display this.

Hi there, @beto.namnum… assuming you are showing the tasks in a repeating group, add a constraint to the repeating group’s search where complete = no, and then tasks that are marked as complete will disappear from the list because they will no longer meet the constraint. Make sense?

Hope this helps.


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Oooo yes it is a repeating group. Worked! Amazing! Thank you!

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Hey @beto.namnum, Welcome to Bubble! Could you mark @mikeloc’s answer as the Solution so other Bubblers can use it? Again, welcome and I hope you enjoy this helpful community of developers! :slight_smile: