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:count is 0 - data not saving

Last time I figured the issue out myself while compiling my ‘help’ message. So far, I have not had that lightbulb moment again.

I used this method to save unique data and check for duplicates. It was working until I tried to switch some data field types around (from text to list of text, then back again) and I broke it. As usual, I know it will be something small and dumb!

‘GCode’ is the unique data, aka the thing I need it to search for so we don’t add exactly the same course more than once. I’ve added element names to one of the screencaps too.

It’s not saving new courses after the first one, basically.

What are your search constraints on the workflow condition?

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Sorry, knew I’d forget something!
Search Constraint

Groan, figured it out. Derp. Forgot this step, because I am a twit:

Thank you anyway! No doubt I’ll be back soon with more dumb questions.

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