Data not getting saved to database

Anybody else having their data not get saved to database?

hmm it seems to work fine for me. Are you seeing it in live or preview?

Yes, I am experiencing issues today.

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I have ran it in debug step by step mode, saw all the data there as if it was getting saved, then nothing in the DB. I have another button to save, using the same set up for the workflows and the inputs were getting reset with that one…I think there may just be some special bugs for my page.

I was having the same issue with autobind.

Hi @eve database is unstable today, I’m having issues along with everyone else here on this forum and I think Bubble just went down in general as well.

Hey folks! @jonathan.timianko, thanks for pinging: if you’re having trouble and haven’t already done so, please submit a bug report so that we can take a look!

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