Count visible rows in a repeating group

Hey everyone!

I saw some similar posts but with no apparent solution. So I’m building a form builder in which some questions visibility depend on the answers of other questions. It’s all dynamic.
I can’t really figure out a way to count number of visible rows at any point of time.
Has anyone ever did something like this?

Any help would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:


What do you mean by ‘visible rows’?

Some of the rows(cells) would be hidden if their conditions are not met
I’m looking for a way to count only the visible cells

I’m not sure that makes any sense… you can’t ‘hide’ a RG cell…

If you mean ‘rows’ from the database that you’re not loading into the RG, then all you need to is count the number if items in the RG’s list of things (i.e. RG’s list of things: count)

Well, it is as simple as hiding and collapsing the group which is holding all the data we want to display in RG cell
That doesn’t hide the cell entirely but that cell data won’t be displayed

But why are you doing that instead of just constraining the data being loaded into the RG?

It is a dynamic form
Some questions’ visibility depend on the previous questions answer
For ex, there’s a dropdown with some options and Other as the last option
If a user chooses Other as their answer, another question will be displayed asking them to explain the Other

I won’t pretend to understand the logic there…

But in any case… to answer your original question (as far a I can understand it)…

There’s no direct way to do that in Bubble…

But if you use a plugin like Orchestra, you can access data inside cells, then compile a custom state list somewhere and count that.

Or, you might just be able to create another list (the same as the RG) but actually constrain the list with a filter (using the same conditions you’re already using)- then just count the items in that list.

I also don’t understand fully the issue either but if you need a very simple solution you can do something like this;

Dropdown A

  • Answer 1
  • Answer 2

Dropdown B (Show when Answer 1 is visible)
Dropdown C (Show when Answer 2 is visible)

So basically the secondary dropdown are hidden and only show based on the primary answer.

This can be done in a more streamlined way by using option sets and adding an attribute. You have one option for the primary and one for the secondary. The secondary will have multiple answers and you then show the secondary answer based on the primary. Let me know if you need more info on this.

It is lot more than just dropdowns tbh
I have different types of questions, answers of which effect the visibility of other questions
Like Yes/No questions, Dropdowns, Dates, etc

User, whild building the form sets conditions like Show this question only when the Answer(date) of the Previous question is >Current date, Show this picture uploader only when the answer to the previous question “Do you have any pictures” is “Yes” and so on

Hope it makes more sense now

Helpless bump…

Same thing, you just show the relevant question based on the previous answer. Feel free to show an image of the issue and how you are trying to code it.

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