How to show a count of only *Visible* Repeating group items

Hey everyone,

I’m trying to do a calculation of a repeating group’s visible items.

Because I have items with many tags, I’d like to limit to just 4 and then show a “+3” or another number after the repeating group.

What I’ve tried that didn’t work:

current items list of tags - repeating groups tags count

An example:

On desktop there are a max of 4 tags. So if the item has 5 tags, but only 4 are visible, then the box should say “+1”

And if there are 2 visible tags, it would say “+3”

It’s difficult to determine exactly what you’re looking to do based on the synopsis but I might suggest look at @gaurav BDK Repeating Group Plugin … I use it for something I believe which is similar to what you might be aiming for… worth a try. Check out the examples he provides as part of the demo and you’ll see what I mean


Yeah, I was thinking along the same lines and actually had the same question as I need to put something similar together based on visible cells of a RG.

It sounds like this plugin would do the trick:

Element Detect: Trigger workflows when an element is seen / no longer seen by user everytime or the first time

Could use a use a workflow to change the state (or perhaps data type).

Would this work @gaurav - thanks in advance.

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Thanks @Bubbleboy and @luke2 !!

The repeating group tools (bdk) plugin would be ideal for these types of things @joe5. You wouldn’t even need to run a workflow action to do all of this :smiley: Check out the plugin docs @

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Hey @gaurav! I’m still having some trouble.

Just so everyone knows, this is actually a new little feature I want to add for :slight_smile:

I did just buy the repeating group tool as you mentioned, but guess I should’ve looked through the docs beforehand to make sure.

For this setup I need to have the “+0” boxes show the number of tools that specific product is built with:

For example, Taas Agency on the top is built with 1 additional tool than the 4 shown, so that would say “+1” instead. And as users are on mobile, it might show 2 tool tags, and then have a “+3”. The 2 visible tool tags + 3 other tags would be the 5 tools it is built with.

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So this would be super easy with RepeatingGroup tools plugin.
The output of the element will only be generated for the cells that are visible.
So you can subtract the :count of output with the total number of tools you have, and set that as the +X number :slight_smile:

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