Countdown element stop counting

i install countdown element and work good . but if page reloaded the coundown rest from start . i need to keep count to end even page loaded

coundown installed : Countdown V2 Plugin | Bubble


Where are you saving the time to count down to (it has to be saved somewhere fixed, such as the DB or a cookie)?

i dont save it . but can save it to db

Well that’s why then…

You need to save it somewhere (the DB is probably the best place)

u dont need a plugin for this…

dont even need to save on DB.

just hard-coded the Date/Time when countdown will reach ZERO / or start with into an Element State.

in Work Flow : -

  1. Every 1 Second, Text A’s Countdown = Final Time - Current Time format as Seconds

So the text will show the countdown time

You don’t need any plugins. Watch this :point_down:

how ? dont understand steps please

Yeah it took me a while to grasp this video myself :joy: You just have to watch it multiple times I guess. You’ll get it at some point.

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