Countdown timer that always works

Hi folks.

Ive read probably everything on timers and plugins etc here but cannot find what i really need.

So i have a game, that starts on Date A.
When date A arrives, I need it to start counting down lets say 30 minutes but it should be done in backend no matter is anyone logged in or out or is page open or closed etc, it should count anyway. and I’d also need this live count available for other users. Like let’s say that counter just saves it’s current values to the same game’s db values (counter minutes, counter seconds) every 0.1 seconds or whatsoever.

Key is to make it count even if everyone’s offline.

I doubt I completely understand what you need, but…

Here is an idea:

Instead of worrying about the timer counting down in the background, could you just do the following?

When the game starts, set the value of a new field called “gameEndsOn” date time field to equal the start time plus 30 minutes.

Schedule an API workflow to end your game and schedule it to run on the gameEndsOn value.

If a user wants to see the time remaining, add a new text field to display the time difference between the current time and the gameEndsOn value.

So you don’t really have a countdown timer running in the background every second. You just show the time remaining between now and the EndsOn date.

And the API workflow will kick off in 30 minutes.

Does that help at all?

EDIT: If you want to get really fancy, you could just use the countdown timer plug-in to show the time remaining between current_time and the gameEndsOn date.


You understood more than i said :smiley:

This is so damn simple, and it worked )

Actually made the timer visible as well by just substracting current date time from game end date time and refreshing the counter every 0.5seconds.

Thank you and have a great 2023! :slight_smile:

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