🤝 Cranford Tech Ventures: We will acquire your plugins and templates

Happy to announce the launch of Cranford Tech Ventures! :handshake:

I’ve been building Bubble plugins and templates for two years, but have also acquired several plugins and templates in that time. It’s been a pretty informal process to date, so I wanted to provide some information on how it works for anyone who might be interested in selling.

What’s this all about?
Sometimes a plugin/template creator no longer wishes to support and maintain the plugin/template they created.

Maybe they want to move onto a new project or are no longer focused on Bubble. Other times they’re interested in getting a cash exit for their work.

Cranford Tech acquires plugins and templates. We’ll pay you cash to take over ownership of the plugin/template.

What kind of plugins and templates do you acquire?
We look for:

  • High quality plugins/templates that solve a real problem for users
  • An existing install base (at least 50 installs)
  • Good reviews (3.5 stars or better)

While we’re more interested in paid plugins/templates, we will consider free plugins/templates too.

Why should I sell ownership of my plugin/template to you?
Cranford Tech is a plugin development agency. We do have an agency service, but building and supporting plugins/templates is our main focus.

If you sell ownership of your plugin/template to us, we will continue to support and maintain your plugin/template. We pride ourselves on providing top class customer support (which is hopefully evident from the reviews on our plugins).

We will not waste your time. If it’s not a fit, we’ll let you know straight away.

If there is a potential fit, we’ll ask for some stats (marketplace payout data etc.) and do some analysis. We’ll get back to you within a week with an offer if it’s something we’re interested in acquiring.

You can see some testimonials from other plugin/template creators that sold to us here.

I’m interested in selling my plugin/template. How do I get in touch?
You can send me a private message on the forum or fill out the form on this page.

Alex Cooney
Founder @ Cranford Tech