Create a custom notification

Hi everyone, I am creating a productivity application, and right now i’m trying to build a custom notification system that is visible also from the desktop and in whatever other tab or page you are currently on, so you can see the notification even if you are doing something else. This notification should be able to display custom text, and dynamic values (such as the current time), in a similar way of this image.

I thought it would be very useful to customize the notification entirely by adding buttons that trigger different worlkflows in pure Bubble style, but this is of secondary importance, i would still be pretty happy to find a way to replicate what the notification in the image is doing.

I’ve seen many plugins but no one seems to be able to have the notification shown outside of the Bubble’s app web page, but maybe i’m just wrong. Have you any suggestion to give me on a plugin that can do this, or some external API that i can connect to Bubble?

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