Creating the notification system, like badges, sounds and banners

Hi, @natedogg

I love how you have designed your app Qoins using bubble. After seeing that, it gives me more faith in what bubble can do.
I’m still learning my way around bubble and so far I have been able to make small achievements.
I wanted to ask how did you create the notification system like, sounds, badge app icons, (notifications in ios and android for that matter).
Did you achieve that using just bubble or a third part plug in?
And also sending the notification through text messages ( I’m not sure if zapier can help with this).
But I wanted to know what you used.
It would be of great help.


@copilot actually has a really good course on notification system delivery, it is $5 (I think) for the course and it walks you through how to design a notification delivery API structure.

Hope this helps,
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@codurly Thanks brother!

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