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Create a dynamic embedded form in an email

Here’s my problem statement:
I am creating a bidding application, where the admin wants to send a dynamic product to his clients and an input form to enter a bidding amount via email, and wants to keep a track of who (client) entered what amount (input number) in their input form. Then store this information in the bubble database. Can bubble somehow achieve this functionality?
Note: When a client receives an email, he should enter bid amount within email itself without getting redirected to any website. I am open to any ideas.

All help is appreciated.
Thanks in advance :upside_down_face:


You might be able to use a Google Form and embed it into an email so any recipients can fill in.
I put together a plugin sometime back which allows you to generate dynamic content based on the information from your Users table. If you had a field called “form” that was text and contained the embedded link for your form, it might be possible to do something like this…

This is not 100% answer to say “yes it can be done” but it will certainly give you some idea! You’ll need an HTML formatted email I suspect.

When the page loads, click this button shown below, copy the HTML within it and paste it directly into the text field.


So it ends up looking something like this:


Then scroll down, click the Generate button and keep scrolling down till you see the form. If you take a look at the Users table, you should see it. I’ve not actually used tis to send an email but given the right settings and that, I suspect it will be possible.

It may help you somewhat!

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