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Extract Everything


I’m creating a form that will look something like this:

When a user has filled in all of their information in this form, I would like for them to be able to click a button and Voila! - They get sent an email with the content they have just created, for example:

“Hi, I’m Lucy, a 24-year old Canadian, living in Paris.” or

“Hi, I’m Jonas Svensson, a 37-year old Swede, living in Stockholm.”

How can I program Bubble to extract everything in my form to the text field of an email?

Thanks a bunch! /M.

Hi, Make

Try to have a look at Bubble + Zapier integration. Zappier provides cool integration with Mailchimp and other mailing services.

Check how I did it in the forum app.

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Thanks! Looking now, but doesn’t seem like Zapier has an integration for Bubble… at least not yet! :smile:

Thanks, Scott :sunny:

I’m looking but not seeing what you mean… Could you give me a hint? What was it you did? thanks!

The button is tied to a workflow (just show the properties of the button and select ‘edit workflow’ or just open the workflow tab). In there, you’ll see how it sends out the email.