Create a dynamic table

Sorry Emmanuel, I was not understanding the way it works but got it working with your directions.

Thanks a lot.


I need to do something similar to this for one of the apps I’m busy with but on a bigger scale.
This is just a rough example. I don’t know of any specific way to do this in Bubble. Hope this helps.

You can use the conditional formatting tab at the checkbox level.

See this

The page is a bit messy but you’ll find something like this.


@emmanuel your my hero for the next few days. Thanks!

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Thanks for the help @emmanuel, this is what I managed with your assistance. The page is not fully completed though.


I am trying to make a repeating data table with grid, could you help me how to make this?

I understand that how to show repeating data without grid, but without grid, the data are not displayed rightly or not structured when browsed with different size browsers. Is that possible to make a table with grid (like using

in HTML)?

Hi @emmanuel can you repost the link for making a table using the conditional formatting tab at the checkbox level