Create a link for public url of data entered(profile)?


So I’m making a dashboard and the user enters their information to create a profile. That will than display on page. But how can I also have it make a link that be used as their own page/portfolio?


Hey there, 1st create a user column called user_link or something then my flow would look like this.

button_click > make change to user [user link = calculate random string] can be whatever you want > set state of (text box where link will be displayed) to whatever you want with a value of [website home URL :append “page where users pages are/” append: current users personal link

then set the text box to value of “that text boxes state”

then on the new page set the main element (group, text, image doesnt matter) set its type to text and its source to get get data from page url with paths segmented as a list item#2

assuming your url for that page is 2 steps away from home IE “home/user-dash/user”

now you can compare all your child elements to that text string to display any user

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Thanks. I’ll try this out.