How do I display current page user data?

Hi there, I have an issue that I believe should be easy to fix, but for some reason I cannot figure it out.

I want to create an individual page for each user, i.e. … displaying the user’s data for everyone to see.

Ideally, the user can then click from their user dashboard (populated with “current user” data) to their own page and share the URL with their friends.

I tried to achieve this by sending the user’s data to the page (called “list”). But the data that is being sent is always “current user”.

So even when I set the data source of the list page to “Current page user”, it does not display just the user’s data. It only displays user data when the user is logged in (i.e. “current user”) and nothing when the link is viewed by someone who is not logged in.

I am sure there must be some solution to this that I am not seeing.

Thank you so much for the help!

Privacy rules maybe?

I thought about that, too - and simply set it to the following:

No change. I believe the issue is that it is not simply “the user” data that is being sent to the list page but “current user”. No idea how to fix that…

In that case you must be ‘sending’ the wrong user data to the page…

Probably the data sources of the parent group is not what you think it is…

But, the Debugger will tell you exactly what’s going wrong, so check with that to locate your error…

Okay, I used the debugger, went through everything… aaaaand it was the privacy rules. I had not set all the necessary checkmarks.

Thanks! :pray: Sometimes you simply need to go through everything again step by step.

It was the find this in searches field.


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