Create a list of items without commas

I need to generate a status report via the API to send to users.

I have created an object that holds a list of texts, and I construct these texts from multiple pieces of info, then send the “list of texts” in an email.

the list should look like this

object1_fiirst name object1_lastname

object2_firstname Object2_lastname

instead it looks like

object1_fiirst name object1_lastname

,object2_firstname Object2_lastname

I’ve tried using regex to remove the commas, but it dosent seem to detect them, maybe because bubble adds them in and its not actually part of the initial string?

Can you post a screenshot of your list in your database? Sounds like you have a comma as part of the text but can’t tell without seeing what’s going on. Also, seeing how you have the element configured would help.

You have to use join with + LINE BREAK (br).
There is plugins to help you accomplish that as well.

search the forum i don’t have laptop now :slightly_smiling_face:


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Any idea how to add bullets to each of those items on a separate line break?

You can just use ‘Format as text’ on your list for this…


Perfect! Thank you!

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