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Display list of things in a separate lines

Hi all. Sorry if the question has been asked . But I don’t figure out how to display a list of thing stored in my database.

In my database, items are separated with a comma. Exemple: English, German, Dutch
In my repeating group I want to display items in separate line.
How do set this?

The solution I found is not very clear.

Thank you very much for your help.

On the Repeating group try setting the “Type of content” to ‘text’
and the “Data Source” to ‘Parent group + name of the list field’

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It works. You’re a lion. Thanks :wink:

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Hi! I saw this solution but then when I’m trying to do a display list action on that content I can’t any ideas? Thanks!

Can you show a screenshot?

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I figured it out, thanks for following up!

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