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Display list of things in a separate lines

Hi all. Sorry if the question has been asked . But I don’t figure out how to display a list of thing stored in my database.

In my database, items are separated with a comma. Exemple: English, German, Dutch
In my repeating group I want to display items in separate line.
How do set this?

The solution I found is not very clear.

Thank you very much for your help.

On the Repeating group try setting the “Type of content” to ‘text’
and the “Data Source” to ‘Parent group + name of the list field’


It works. You’re a lion. Thanks :wink:

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Hi! I saw this solution but then when I’m trying to do a display list action on that content I can’t any ideas? Thanks!

Can you show a screenshot?

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I figured it out, thanks for following up!

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but how you display a list in a separate lines without the RG? case use: you want to send list in an email…

Can you give more details? You want to send an email to a list of users? Right?

No i have products
And i have made another data type called orders which i have qty and total price and type thing products which is list.
I can do searchfor orders:products and list all product using RG
… but i want to send an email the order and products list

They will appear like this
Product1, product, product3

I want to put them in this fashion
Product1 20$
Product2 30$

You need to use join with and have a line_break but to send a dynamic email list you will still need to use an RG. @romanmg has the exact solution on

Can you give quick access to your app?

Using an HTML join with line break = bracket br bracket. doesn’t work with text right?

How did you end up doing the action? I’m having the same issue

Could you elaborate on what you’re trying to do?

Actually I already figured out how to do it! Thanks!

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Hi! I am struggling with this, I cannot get ‘line_break’ to work, it stays in red. The RG is Text, it’s a single column RG, the data field is a list of texts, but it simply doesn’t want to work.

What am I missing?

Thank you!

Ok, so maybe it’s something to do with this thread, but no sooner had I posted my message I resolved it (it been bugging me for ages!).

Solution: I didn’t need to have the list in a RG. I showed the data in a simple Text field and then used ’ join with “line_break” ’ to split the data into onto separate lines.

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Eu estou com o mesmo problema. Poderia mostrar uma imagem da solução?

There is no need for using parent group .
we can do that just by using:each field name