'Create a new style - Style Name' field focuses out immediately after input

Dear Bubble Team,

I’d like to report a potential bug when attempting to fill in the ‘style name’ field during the creation of a new style. During the typing process, the input field focuses out within 1/4 seconds - requiring manual refocusing until it focuses out again.

I couldn’t send you a specific link to a public app as it seems to occur on all my apps on firefox, safari, and chrome, as well as on both pc and mac. Not sure if it’s a problem contained to my specific dev. environment, but thought it’d be worthwhile to report.

Thanks again,



Because we don’t do this so often I haven’t reported it… But it’s true, and annoying when it happens

I’ve seen this a few times at various input boxes in the Bubble editor. It’s quite annoying, but usually fixed for me when I refresh the page. I haven’t found a way to intentionally reproduce, so like @lonetour, I haven’t reported it.

It’d be great if you could file a bug report with a way to reproduce. Thanks!

Thanks @lonetour and @potentialthings for the confirmation. Thought I was seeing things! Sadly, refreshing works for me only partially.

@emmanuel I’ll try to find and provide a reproducible environment but its sporadic occurrence is making it difficult to do so. Will update the thread with a url when I find it.

This issue is still occuring. I have a need to create many custom styles and each time, in the “Style Name” input, Bubble only records one character of the text I am trying to input. I then have to click/refocus the next space and input the next letter for the text I am inputting. This can be seen whenever one is Creating a New Style and inputting the ‘Style Name’. Please advise.


This still happens today (sometimes), although it’s not a major issue it does get rather annoying , particularly when it’s late and you just want to get things done :joy:.