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"Create a new thing" condition based on Google Places

Hi! I’m new to Bubble. I really appreciate the platform and have learned a lot from this forum.

I have a repeating group and it’s data source is a “Do a search for” connected to a workflow to “Create a new thing” when an input is filled in and “Submit” button is clicked. One of the fields for the “new thing”'s data type is “Places” which is a list of Google Places. I’m trying to stop users from submitting the same Google Place more than once. How can I create an “Only when” that stops the “new thing” from being created if the Google Place already exists in the repeating group? Here are some screenshots. I hope they help in explaining what I’m trying to ask.

Thank you!

Based on a similar app I created I can recommend the 2 approaches below

  1. if both places are coming from Google places then use the place ID. If both place IDs match then don’t allow the creation of a place.

  2. if your database also allows custom locations then use the distance between the places to determine an action. For example if location a is within location list by 100 meters then do…

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Thanks for the advice! I’ll keep trying…