Duplicate Location Data Workflow

I can not figure out how to stop the duplication "Locations"

I am new to bubble, loving the system so far. I have gone through numerous pages on the forums & online videos, however I cannot seem to find a solution to my issues.

I am generating my “locations database” by ‘piggy-backing’ off of Google Places API when a user ‘clicks’ on a Map Pin.

See my workflow for generating Locations;

The problem is every time the map marker is selected a duplicate entry is generated.

See location data screenshot;

only when, do a search for locations count is 0


Thanks for the fast reply.

When i change the to what you mentioned above, Nothing saves. I have been playing with that for a hour or so…

I clicked all over and nothing.

when you search for location add the fields to compare it with
so we are saying, only create new location when do a search for location (with address is the same as current markers address) count is 0 :white_check_mark:

because search for location (without specified fields) count is not 0

I apologize for my ignorance but would you have an example workflow i could visualize with

im busy rn maybe someone else. click on search for location part of the only when condition, it will open another dialog, where you can specify the address

Still nothing,

Also tried this

add the constraint :joy:

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what would i put in the constraint?

if i put only when Search for locations:count is 0

address: map a’s current markers address


Thank you!!

I appreciate the patience.

This got it going;

youre welcome

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