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Create a new "Type" from pre-existing thing

Hey guys, I need some help.

I have a thing called Campaigns with several fields, one of which is called “Title”. Each campaign however, also needs to be its own thing. So I would like to ‘create a new thing’ and when it asks me for the new type name, I would like to pick from the titles in my campaign thing. Is that possible?

Hi @ymachena :slight_smile: I’m not sure if I’m understanding correctly, but the data type would still be Campaign, even though each Campaign’s Title field will vary. In your app data, you can then view each Campaign by title by creating a new view and checking the Title field.

Then if you have a repeating group of Campaigns (for example), the RG content type would be “Campaign” and the data source could be “Do a Search for Campaigns”. Within the first cell of the repeating group you can create a text element which is “Current cell’s Campaign’s Title”. In preview mode, you will see all of your app’s Campaigns in that repeating group, displaying the title (and any other dynamic info) of each Campaign.