Create a Next Article / Previous Article post navigation

Hey! I thought this would be super simple, but I can’t seem to access the index number of a thing (post) in my list of things (posts).
Essentially I want a user to be able to cycle forward and back through posts by clicking next article/ previous article buttons. I thought it’d be something like ‘this post’s index number + 1’ but that isn’t possible. Do I have to manually set an index field when I’m creating a new post, so that it’s a field I can refer to?

If your posts are in a specific order you might want to change later, then yes you would want to have your first one 1, then iterate the next one. Then your “Next post” button would navigate to your page and send the data Do a search for Post with a constraint [number field] = Current page's Posts's [number field] + 1 then do :first item after the search.

If you’re purely doing it off of Creation date like a blog then you can search for posts “newer” and pick the first item like this example.

You only need one of the actions in each workflow, the “Open an external website” one refreshes and the “Go to the page” doesn’t refresh