Create a page anchor?

Hello. I am new to Bubble and loving it so far! I am done with the basic design for the landing page for my app and now I need to start developing the back end functionality.

Can anyone please share with me how to cause the clicking of a link to move to a different part (or section) of my landing page? In traditional web design, its called a “page anchor”…
How do I create this functionality in my app? Please advise and thanks for any help. I look forward to learning from everyone and contributing to this forum when I know enough to help… :slight_smile:

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Hi there, @TheJay… while you can use more “complicated/involved” methods to do what you have described, you probably want to start with the Scroll to workflow action and see if that meets your needs.

Hope this helps.


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:wave: Hi, Mikeloc. I will try it out right now! Thanks for the reply and the link. I appreciate your time, sir. Have the best day!

  • Jay :sunglasses:
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This is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks

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